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      Soytopia found its beginnings when its founder and CEO, Angela R. Akinpelu, PA-C, began to fill the niche for healthy, soy-based candles that were fragrant as well as beautiful.  As a Physician Assistant, Angela has practiced in OB/Gyn, Hospitalist/Internal Medicine, and Surgery.  She is joined in her Soytopia journey with her husband, Dr. David Akinpelu, an Emergency Medicine and Internal Medicine physician.

      As practicing health care providers, expanding the product line from earth-friendly candles to health-conscious bath and body products seemed natural.  Soytopia takes pride in producing high quality goods without the use of mineral oils, petroleum, parabens, SLS, or SLES.  For your sake, we use natural preservatives whenever possible.  We never use preservatives that decompose to formaldehyde.  Herbal extracts, spices, and essential oils are used to fragrance and naturally color many of our products. All synthetic and nature-identical fragrances are carefully selected to exclude those containing phthalates.  Our certified organic aloe vera gel and our soy waxes are made from American grown crops.  Our West African shea butter and Hawaiian raw sugar are harvested under fair trade practices.  Most importantly, your skin and hair will benefit from our natural oil products rich in vitamin A, vitamin E, and omega-3 and omega-6 fatty acids, among others!

      At Soytopia, we embrace the definition of health as declared by the World Health Organization (WHO): Health is a state of complete physical, mental and social well-being and not merely the absence of disease or infirmity.  As such, our vision is three-fold.  We endeavor to educate, primarily women of color, on making health-conscious and earth-friendly choices regarding the products they apply to their and their families’ bodies and consume in their homes.  We strive to employ people, instead of machines, to handcraft those products.  And thirdly, we will focus to empower women financially and socially with a vehicle to have fun while selling those products, directly to consumers, via a Party Plan platform.